Dr. Hugo Rams Jr

Hugo Rams Jr., MD

Prepare For Your Visit


It's important to note that we are not a volume focused practice. We take pride in offering individualized, high quality health care. To gain the most from your one on one time with Dr. Rams, we ask that you prepare appropriately for your visit.


1. It's best to have your referring physician fax any reports, tests, records in advance of the visit.


2. If you have any reports, tests or records in your possession, bring them with you.


3. Bring a complete medication list with exact name, dosage and length of time on medication.


4. Have your pharmacy phone and fax numbers.


5. Bring your photo ID and insurance card.


6. If you are visiting our office and you reside in another country, please make sure you complete all forms in advance of the visit, as well as provide your primary care physician's contact information.